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Remember I promised to tell you about the last phase of the Bombatura process? Well, that will have to wait till next week:)

But remember I promised to let you know when Yonatan’s Golden Viola – the one he built especially for his sister Galia – is played on stage? Well – that’s just what I am going to write about today.

After playing it for a while, to both “open” it and get used to its specific feel, measurements and sound, Galia started playing the Golden Viola everywhere – and being the extremely talented, sought-after and hard-working musician she is, it’s literally EVERYWHERE. So this past week alone, the viola has been featuring prominently in the Israeli The Voice program on TV (basically the only reason we have been watching it…), playing a major role in a new video clip, and featuring front and center in Rita’s new, extremely impressive concert.

We went to see the concert this past Friday night (thank god for kids-keeping-grandparents), and I honestly can’t say what was more emotional: seeing Yonatan’s baby sister playing and singing front-and-center with one of Israel’s top stars, hearing his hand-made viola play so wonderfully and prominently, or seeing the light of pure joy in Yonatan’s eyes…

Talk about a sense of pride and fulfillment!

So this week, instead of writing, I’ll just let you take the time and enjoy this very original and beautiful clip of an Israeli group called (in free translation) “the Tractor’s Revenge”, which was filmed in one of the main squares of Tel-Aviv for the Indie-City project. Look and you can judge the viola for yourself!